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It depends, what happens is that not all of them must invest in the same type of analytics, either because they do not have the resources or at the stage of their life cycle as a company, it is not yet a priority. For example, you surely know companies that already apply descriptive analytics although they do not identify it with that name. Some activities that are done by applying descriptive analytics are reports and visualizations that describe and summarize what happened, for example, a sales report. In this case, we work to automate the processes, so that our client has more time available to analyze, interpret and design actions that allow the information contained in the reports to be monetized, instead of dedicating themselves to producing them.

To start an analytics project, you need at least two elements. The first is to have data (internal or external). It is desirable that these have a data dictionary and have previously gone through a quality analysis that suggests that they are suitable for processing. The second is to have clear business questions that you want to answer through the project, that is, what information do you want the model to show and what will you use it for.

It depends on many factors, such as the complexity of the project, the volume of the data, the quality of the data, the number of business questions that you want to solve, the need to answer the model (real time or with a delay), between much others. What is certain is that at DAnalytics we have managed prices from two million pesos, and that for large projects DAnalytics includes a first stage of feasibility analysis, which corresponds to a percentage of the total value of the contract. If the analysis shows that it is not feasible to develop what was requested by the client or requires elements not covered in the original proposal that the client cannot financially assume, only the agreed percentage is canceled.

If your data corresponds to hundreds of audios, images, video or unstructured text, if on your computer you try to open your database and it is not possible, you are probably facing Big Data.

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We want you to be inspired to use analytics in your company, that's why we publish articles from Monday to Thursday related to the challenges of implementing analytics in organizations, applications in different areas of organizations from sales to logistics, or applications in different economic sectors from fashion to retail. We also focus on analytical applications focused on supporting the care of the environment and improving the care, diagnosis and prevention of diseases.