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Big Data

We have extracted, manipulated, and managed more than 17 billion data points in a single project. Your Big Data project is in good hands with us.


IOT data, sensors, intelligent networks, smart meters, RFID tags vary in formats and channels. Conventional solutions of data analytics and business intelligence (BI) prove to be inadequate for manipulating the diversity of data.

Our team of Big Data Analytics experts study this diversity and the volume of data to discover hidden patterns, unknown correlations and present real-time reports to backup commercial decisions. Our Big Data solutions allow companies to have a robust Big Data architecture, manage their data in the cloud, reveal the value of the millions of stored data to make intelligent business decisions quickly.

We capture and integrate structured, semi-structured ad no structured data from multiple sources for creating analytical reports, ad-hoc consultations and decision making.
Extract, transform and load (ETL)
You need your data to analyze it, so we carry out the entire previous process: we extract them from the databases, transform them, which includes cleaning, filtering and validation rules, and upload the data to the tool you use.
We manipulate and process data to obtain meaningful information that allows users to optimize and automate processes.
We combine data from disparate sources and provide a unified view of the data, your company’s assets, to obtain meaningful and valuable information. This can be presented in attractive dashboards so that you have a comprehensive view of your company and its operation.


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