Analytics and
Machine Learning

Using advanced statistics and computer science algorithms we help you analyze the past and present to build a better future.

We develop solutions that replace repetitive activities.
Search and data extraction
Data cleaning
Descriptive reports generation
These solutions help reduce overall staff effort, minimizing the risk of human error, making daily processes more productive and allowing your staff dedicated more time in analyzing, proposing, and executing.


Depending on available data and business objectives, we offer advanced machine learning or statistical algorithms to support an efficient decision-making process, increase revenue or decrease costs. We handle all processes related to data, including extraction, cleaning, and data processing. We evaluate the effectiveness of models in order to meet their objectives in a robust and stable manner, and we recommend how often they should be monitored.


What are the products that tend to be bought together and that could help me to do better cross selling or optimize their location in the store?


How can I segment my suppliers or clients to better personalize my negotiation or marketing strategies?


Which customers have a high probability of not paying me the credit?

Anomaly detection

Which doctors do not follow patient care protocols?


What variables affect and how do they affect the demand for my product?

Time Series

How much will I sell next year in a category, subcategory, or brand to improve my inventory planning?

Recommendation systems

How can I customize the offer of goods and services that I offer to my client so that they consume more?

Do you have an analytical model but have not been able to integrate it to you daily operations?


We construct Machine Learning or statistical models in fully functional applications. Or we integrate them into your company’s business software. Our Machine Learning experts ensure that the solutions work while maintaining integrity and functionality of previous implemented systems.
Python is the best option for automatic learning due to its flexibility and stability. With a great number of libraries ready to use, like TensorFlow, PyTorch, Scikit-learn and Pandas.

R is our preferred data visualization tool for statistical inference models and for data exploration. It allos us to stand out in complex projects of advanced statistics and data visualization.

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