Our Motivation 
Our MISSION is to enrich your everyday life with data analytics
Our superior purpose es:
  1. Transformar los datos en información valiosa y confiable que agilice el proceso de toma de decisiones estratégicas.
  2. Brindar herramientas analíticas y tecnológicas necesarias para que las empresas puedan enfocarse en labores estratégicas en lugar de labores operativas, así maximizando el tiempo de toma de decisiones estratégicas, para actuar y alcanzar las metas que se propongan.
  3. Ofrecer estrategias de analítica de datos que le permita a las empresas ser competitivas, incrementando sus ventas y/o disminuyendo sus costos.
By 2030 DAnalytics has 3 goals:

Estar en el top 25 de las empresas más reconocidas en el ámbito de proyectos de analítica de datos aplicada a los negocios y Big Data de Colombia


Ser reconocido como una de las 50 mejores  empresas en el ámbito de aplicaciones de ingeniería de datos de Colombia.


Haber desarrollado al menos tres software que en conjunto hayan tenido ventas superiores a 1 millón de dólares.

Are you interested in achieving this dream with us?
These values define our way forward

We have a highly qualified and friendly human resource that provides comprehensive solutions at a fair value in a reasonable time.


Our day-to-day work-how is characterized by its integrity, respect, transparency and rectitude.


We contribute to the achievement of our clients' objectives with creativity, technology and efficiency

Team work

We are committed to the professional and personal development of each of our team members and encourage their participation and cooperation to offer a better service.


We love what we do and we seek to understand the needs of our customers and collaborators to provide solutions on-time.

We love what we do.

Since October 2018, the month in which we started operations, to date we have received the following recognitions:

In 2019 we were 1 of the 20 finalists of the Valle E program, which identifies, promotes, and strengthens ventures with a high potential for sustained growth and innovation in the region.

In December 2019 DAnalytics came second place in the Carlos Vallecilla Borrero Valentía Emprendedora Award of the Carval Group.

In March 2020, DAnalytics was on the top 15 ventures selected from 100 companies through Acelera Region, a program to accelerate business growth strategy.